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Matcha and Accessory KItMatcha and Accessory KIt
Matcha Accessories KitMatcha Accessories Kit
Bowl, whisk, scoop and holder.
Matcha Whisk HolderMatcha Whisk Holder
Whisk holder designed to ensure that your whisk maintains it shape.
Matcha ScoopMatcha Scoop
Perfectly designed matcha scoop to help ensure you get the most out of your tea.
Matcha Whisk (Chasen)Matcha Whisk (Chasen)
Handmade whisk to ensure you get most out of your matcha.
Aerolatte FrotherAerolatte Frother
Mid range Aerolatte frother with a stand.
Matcha SiftMatcha Sift
Matcha CaddyMatcha Caddy
Matcha BowlMatcha Bowl
Matcha bowl made of zisha.
Chatsford Mug InfuserChatsford Mug Infuser
Mug InfuserMug Infuser

Matcha Accessories

What’s the most important matcha accessory?

If you are drinking matcha as a drink you'll need a whisk.  Whisks are necessary to froth matcha.  Sifts are very important too.  Matcha sifts, aerate matcha power and stop it clumping.  Using a matcha sift will improve the flavour of your matcha.

Accessories Ranked:
Traditional Whisk / Frother​​​​​​​
Whisk holder  (only if you are using a tradition whisk).

What's the best gift for a matcha lover?
The matcha kit has everything you need to get the most from your matcha.  What's more buying all the accessories together will save you more than 10% discount on the price of items bought individually.

Should I use a whisk or frother for matcha?
Traditional whisks are a thing of beauty, look beautiful on your kitchen shelf and will help you connect with the ritualistic element of matcha preparation.  Frothers, are quicker and easier to use than traditional whisks and get better results.

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