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Food Grade Organic Green Tea PowderFood Grade Organic Green Tea Powder
From: £46.45
Drinking Organic MatchaDrinking Organic Matcha
From: £50.50
Premium Organic MatchaPremium Organic Matcha
From: £88.95
Ceremonial Organic MatchaCeremonial Organic Matcha
From: £124.95
Wholesale Supreme Quality Organic MatchaWholesale Supreme Quality Organic Matcha
From: £99.99
Matcha Scoops (x25)Matcha Scoops (x25)
Matcha Whisks (x25)Matcha Whisks (x25)
Matcha Sift (x25)Matcha Sift (x25)
Acai BerriesAcai Berries
From: £50.50
Wholesale Herbal Powders
Wholesale Powders
Bulk Organic MatchaBulk Organic Matcha
From: £9.99

Wholesale Matcha

These are our wholesale prices for anybody wishing to place orders of greater than 500g and not restricted to the trade.  Please contact us for prices on larger bulk matcha orders of 5kg or greater.  
We are Soil Association certified.  Our organic certification and Trading Schedule on request.  
All our matcha products are organic, certified and tested.  We test for pesticides, heavy metals, radiation, micro-contaminants, moulds and yeasts, other tests maybe available on request.  Testing is conducted by third party laboratories both at the country of origin and in the UK.  Products are sieved and x-rayed.  
Products that are not listed above may be subject to higher MOQs.  The resale of these products in Matcha Factory branding is subject to our terms and conditions.  We place no restriction on the use of unbranded products.
Our wholesale products are found in a surprisingly wide range of places from cafes to bars of soap.  The table at the bottom of the page suggests specific matcha to specific usage.
The shelf-life of our products is typically around 18 months and always more than one year. We import matcha on a quarterly basis to ensure the freshness of our stock.  
Our bulk wholesale matcha is typically packed in 50g bags to ensure that your tea stays fresher for longer.  If you would like larger packaging sizes please contact us to find out availability.  
These items are stocked in the UK and we aim to ship within one working day.  Postage is free on order of £25 or more.  The free postage option is Royal Mail standard class.  Standard class postage typically takes two to three days although it can take up to five working days.
You can read a little more about individual products on our category pages.

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Good to Know

Higher quality matcha gives you a brighter colour and sweeter flavour.
Lower quality matcha is duller and more bitter.
The only differences in our matchas are the grades- this is reflected in the price.


Usage Suggestions


Use Food Grade Drinking Matcha Organic Matcha Ceremonial Matcha First Blossom
Shots Okay Okay Good Great Too good
Drinking Not Ideal Acceptable Good Ideal Exceptional Quality
Baking Great Most Popular Good Great colour but wasteful Great colour but wasteful
Shakes Great Most Popular Good Great colour but wasteful Too good
Ice-Cream Great Most Popular Great Great colour but wasteful Too good
Chocolates Great Popular Most Popular Great for colour Too good
Cosmetics Great Great Most Popular Good

Remember you can contact us and request samples if you're still confused.  Our recommendations are general and may not be suitable for everyone.  Consider the amount of matcha you are looking to use, who your end user is and the results you are looking to achieve.
Sadly, because of the expense of matcha we are only able to provide samples to business customers.  If you are looking to order bulk matcha and you want sample just click here.  Please tell use the matchas you'd like to sample.  Samples are typically around 25g although higher grades maybe less, if you require a large sample please contact us.

Matcha Storage

Matcha oxidises rapidly when exposed to heat and light this can be seen by the change in colour of the powder.  To keep matcha at its freshest we recommend storing it in the fridge or freezer, if you can’t do this at least store it in an airtight caddy.  If you are using matcha in a coffee shop, store your matcha away from your coffee and not on top of your coffee machine!

Caffeine and Matcha
There is around 34mg of caffeine in a 1 gram serving of matcha.  The recommended daily limit of caffeine consumption during pregnancy is 200mg.
The following is the caffeine found in a 7oz/207 ml cup of coffee
Drip 115-175
Brewed 80-135
Instant 65-100


The product is suitable for:
Gluten & Lactose Intolerant

This product is free from:    
ALL Animal products

This is a single ingredient product it is suitable for the Halal and Kosher markets.
GM Statement
This product is not genetically modified.


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